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After I went to my lodgings, and the case was a little known in town, aFriend laid before me the great inconvenience attending a passage in thesteerage, which for a time appeared very discouraging to me. The French were driven again out of Naples by the end of July. Cardinal Ruffo brought down a wild army of Calabrians, and an army made up of Russians, Turks, Portuguese, and British, completed the expulsion of the Republicans and restored the king. In this restoration Nelson and his squadron took a most effective part; but unfortunately for his fame, he at this time became acquainted with Lady Hamilton, the wife of the British ambassador, and gave himself up entirely to her fascinations. Lady Hamilton was the friend of the Queen of Naples (a sister of the unfortunate Marie Antoinette), and she was said to have instigated Nelson to take a melancholy part in the savage retaliations of the court on the Neapolitan Republicans, but the charge has since been completely disproved. Nelson sent Commodore Trowbridge to Civita Vecchia to blockade it, and both that port and the castle of St. Angelo soon surrendered, and Captain Lewis rowed up the Tiber in his barge, hoisted the British colours on the Capitol, and acted as Governor of Rome till Pius VI., ejected by the French in the previous year, was nominally restored. The poor old man, however, never returned to his kingdom; he died at Valence, on the Rh?ne, on the 29th of August of this year. The election of the new Pope, Pius VII., did not take place till March, 1800. Before the end of the year, nearly all Italy, except Genoa, was cleared of the French. � When I remember the saying of the Most High through His prophet, "This peoplehave I formed for myself; they shall show forth My praise," and think ofplacing children among such to learn the practice of sailing, the consistencyof it with a pious education seems to me like that mentioned by the prophet,"There is no answer from God."Profane examples are very corrupting and very forcible. And as my mind dayafter day and night after night hath been affected with a sympathizingtenderness towards poor children who are put to the employment of sailors, Ihave sometimes had weighty conversation with the sailors in the steerage, whowere mostly respectful to me, and became more so the longer I was with them. The Government of Spain was sunk into the very deepest degradation and imbecility. Charles IV. was one of the weakest of Bourbon kings. He was ruled by his licentious wife, Maria Luiza, and she by Manuel de Godoy, a young and handsome man, who, about the year 1784, had attracted her eye as a private in the Royal Guards. By her means he was rapidly promoted, and at the age of twenty-four was already a general. He was soon created a Grandee of Spain, and the queen married him to a niece of the king. He was made Generalissimo of all the Spanish Forces, and, in fact, became the sole ruling power in the country. He was styled the Prince of the Peace攁 title acquired by his having effected the pacification of Basle, which terminated the Revolutionary War between France and Spain. By the subsequent Treaty of St. Ildefonso he established an offensive and defensive alliance with France, which, in truth, made Spain entirely subservient to Napoleon. � 黄色电影免费片日本大片 - 视频 - 在线观看 - 影视资讯 - 品善网 A Commission had been appointed to inquire into the Department of Naval Affairs. The Commissioners, at whose head was Mr. Whitbread, had extended their researches so far back as to include the time when Lord Melville, as Mr. Dundas, had presided over that Department. They there discovered some very startling transactions. Large sums of money had been drawn out of the Bank of England on the plea of paying accounts due from the Naval Department; these sums had been paid into Coutts's Bank in the name of the Treasurer of the Navy, Mr. Trotter, who, for long periods together, used these sums for his own benefit. Other large sums had been drawn in the name of Dundas, and had been employed for his profit. Other sums had disappeared, and there was no account showing how they had vanished; but these were scored under the name of Secret Service Money, and Melville declared that the money paid into his account had gone in the same way. As much as forty-eight thousand pounds had been paid over to Pitt at once, and no account given of its expenditure. Indeed, as Pitt had nothing to do with that Department, the payment to him was altogether irregular. These discoveries created a great sensation. George Rose, who had begun life without a sixpence, but who, after attracting the attention of Pitt, had rapidly thriven and become extremely wealthy, had confessed to Wilberforce that some strange jobs had come under his notice as a member of that Department. There was a loud outcry for the impeachment of Melville. Melville appears to have been a jovial, hard-drinking Scotsman, of a somewhat infidel turn, according to Scottish philosophy of that period. Amongst Melville's faults, however, it does not appear that he was of an avaricious character, but rather of a loose morale, and ready to fall in with the licence practised by the officers of all departments of Government in the duties entrusted to them. Twenty-sixth of Sixth Month. -- Having carefully endeavoured to settle allaffairs with the Indians relative to our journey, we took leave of them, and Ithought they generally parted from us affectionately. We went forward toRichland and had a very comfortable meeting among our friends, it being thefirst day of the week. Here I parted with my kind friend and companion BenjaminParvin, and accompanied by my friend Samuel Foulk, we rode to JohnCadwallader's, from whence I reached home the next day, and found my familytolerably well. They and my friends appeared glad to see me return from ajourney which they apprehended would be dangerous; but my mind, while I wasout, had been so employed in striving for perfect resignation, and had so oftenbeen confirmed in a belief that, whatever the Lord might be pleased to allotfor me, it would work for good, that I was careful lest I should admit anydegree of selfishness in being glad overmuch, and laboured to improve by thosetrials in such a manner as my gracious Father and Protector designed. Third day. -- He uttered the following prayer: -- "'O Lord, my God! theamazing horrors of darkness were gathered around me, and covered me all over,and I saw no way to go forth; I felt the depth and extent of the misery of myfellow-creatures separated from the divine harmony, and it was heavier than Icould bear, and I was crushed down under it; I lifted up my hand, I stretchedout my arm, but there was none to help me; I looked round about and was amazed. � �